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Progressive web app and web apps
Timeline of PWA

What is Progressive web app?
Difference between Progressive web app and web apps


Timeline of PWA
PWA Role in Business

Progressive web app and web apps

What is Progressive web app?

Progressive web app [PWA] is basically a type of Application software which we can access through the web. These are made to work on any platform with standards – compliant browser and can access thorugh mobile and desktop devices. Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and web assembly is used to built the Progressive web apps.

Progressive web apps are websites or webpages known as web applications. since it is a type of website it doesn’t need seperate distribution like a normal software application does. Releasing the app on Digital Distribution Systems like Play store or App store is Optional. Developers can easily publish the app on web by making sure it meets baseline installation requirments that provide users the option to add the app to the home screen.


Difference between Progressive web app and web apps:

Web Apps:

1. Web apps only runs on the web server.
2. Web apps uses HTML, CSS and Javascript for frontend and PHP, Python, Flash etc for backend development.
3. Web apps provide Responsive interface and Mobile – friendly design which provides interactive experiance.

Progressive Web Apps:

1. PWAs runs on web server and also we can install them from the web.
2. PWAs use common web technologies used by web apps and additionally they can use progressive enhancements like service workers and web app manifests which provide features like offline mode and push notifications.
3. PWAs work across all platforms and offers an app-like experiance such as offline mode and adding to home screen.


Timeline of PWA :

2007 – In 2007 steve jobs announced that applications in iphone will be running using the web 2.0 internet standards. He also said that Software development kit [collection of software development tools] doesn’t need and applications will completley integrated with safari. However, this model later switched to App store. Most of the ios applications shifted towards App store but Apple continued to provide web apps.

2010 – 2013 – HTML, CSS and javascript had continued enhancements which allowed web apps to improve its interactivity and user friendliness.

2013 – Firefox OS released by Mozilla, which is intended to be open source OS for web applications on mobile devices. However the project was completley discontinued in 2017.

2015 – The term “Progressive web apps” was coined by Frances barrimen and Alex russell. New features like service workers and web app manifests were introduced.

2019 – Most Browsers including, Microsoft edge and google chrome supports Prograssive Web Apps.


PWA Role in Business:

Progressive Web App can drive vast users to your website than native app. It consumes very little space relative to the native moblile apps.
Users can access it from any device browser without installing the application.
Users can add it to the home screen to visit whenever they like just like a native app.

These features can lead to more visits to your online business with ease.



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